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RightGrassUK Ltd – Suppliers and Installers of Artificial Grass

Looking for a low maintenance solution for your garden?

Long hours at work + minimal time to maintain your garden = no time to enjoy your garden!

Would you prefer to dedicate your spare time to relaxation as opposed to hard garden work and maintenance??

Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular year on year and here’s why!

  • You have the perfect lawn all year round, no matter what the weather! Our Artificial Grass ranges come in numerous styles that look great come rain or shine. It’s the most low maintenance way to make your garden look great all year round with minimal effort.
  • Whatever your personal garden style we have a great variety of grass finishes to ensure you get the look and feel you want. We offer different thicknesses, textures, pile heights and colours. We are confident we can supply and install the perfect lawn for you! Take a look at our product ranges!
  • Not only does it look great but it’s durable and long lasting, a perfect alternative to natural grass. Our Artificial Grass ranges have a lifespan ranging from 7 to 10 years and can be applied to large and small areas, for example childrens play area’s, home gardens, commercial property areas and schools.
  • Do you have a pet?? If so then Artificial Grass is perfect for you. It’s completely animal safe and durable so you can avoid mud, wear and tear and those unbearable ‘bald’ and discoloration patches. You can jet wash the grass to ensure you know its clean and this also revitalizes the grass, try it and see!
  • No more drainage problems! Some grassy areas can be prone to water logging but our Artificial Grass ranges and the way they are applied creates good drainage. You can use them around water features too!
  • No more pests! Insects and moles will be a thing of the past, we can’t guarantee you wont see any but they are more drawn to natural grass.


Why RightGrassUK Ltd? (Link on main page to then lead to a page as to why to order with us, starting with the below….

RightGrassUK Ltd

We are the largest artificial grass suppliers and installers in the UK, providing a complete artificial grass range to the public and trade with excellent standards of quality across all of the range. The key benefits are;

  • Child Friendly
  • Pet Friendly
  • Looks great all Seasons
  • No More Mowing
  • No More Muddy Feet / Paws
  • No More Watering / Feeding
  • Natural look

Additional benefits are;

  • Available from stock for a fast and efficient service
  • Cut to size and easy to shape
  • Flame Retardant
  • Water Resistant
  • Certified to BS EN1177
  • Lead Free
  • Immediate Delivery

Take a look at our wide selection of artificial turfs and select your ideal choice. If you need any advice or guidance give us a call and we can run through the benefits and pro’s to each of the grasses we have in the range and how they would suit your requirements.

There are different lengths, widths, colours, pile heights and special features to each grass in the range so we are here to assist you with your choice.

Artificial grass can be used in endless environments and we have an option for every requirement whether that is to replace your current lawn or create a new, eye catching, easy upkeep addition to your home design.

Easy installation and maintenance free, what more could you ask for!


Havana 12MM
£12.99 £10.99
Madrid 20MM
£27.99 £15.99
New York 30MM
£29.99 £18.99
Monaco Premium 25MM
£24.99 £21.99