How to install

Easy Installation Guide

For those of you who wish to install your artificial grass yourselves, please take the time to read our step-by-step installation guide, using the images as a guide.

Tools you’ll need before you get started;

  • Shovel
  • Sharp Craft Knife
  • Hammer
  • Adhesive spreader
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Straight edge for sand
  • Spirit Level/Screeding bar

Step 1
Strip the turf, removing all grass down by an average of 40mm depth. You can do this using a spade but using a mechanical turf lifter would be easier and they are easy to hire.

Step 2
Spread and level and compact 35mm of sharp builders sand.

Step 3
Compact the sand using a builders plank and heavy hammer. Re-smooth when you are done. Gentle slopes or mounds are fine.
We highly recommend hiring a compaction plate for this stage, you’ll find it much easier and less time consuming to ensure you prepare the area to the highest standard.

Step 4
Over the top of the sand roll out your weed membrane, overlapping any joints by 300mm. Up to the grass edge you need to leave 50mm gap.

Step 5
Roll out your grass to cover all of your area, trim the edges of the grass using a craft knife for neat edges.
You may find it easier trimming the grass from underneath.

Step 6 If jointing is required
ensure grass rolls are butted together with no fibers caught underneath.
Ensure all grass rolls are laid in the same direction so the blades of grass run the same way.
Apply adhesive onto jointing tape (rough side up) and spread along join surface.
Leave a 3mm gap between the joins.
Place roll edge onto tape making sure the fibers do not touch the glue.
Ruffle up the pile at the joint to disguise.

Step 7 Edge fixing….
to fix down the edges, use the ground pins and fix through grass at 200mm intervals.
Ruffle grass over the pins to disguise.

Step 8
Lift the pile with a stiff yard brush.

You’re Done!! Stand back and enjoy!

All our Right Grass UK come with up to 10 years gurantee

DONT want to install artifical grass yourself? we offer a full proffesional fitting service, nation wide
Give us a call on Tel: 01268 951 111 Freephone: 0800 820 2030 and see how we can help

RightGrassUK Advice

  • Rolls of artificial grass can be heavy. Please take care when lifting and handling
  • Do not lay artificial grass in areas liable to flooding
  • Heavily weeded areas should be treated with weed killer before laying the grass
  • The only maintenance you should require is removal of leaves and twigs with a soft brush, blower or jet wash. Dog/animal mess use mild detergent and water.


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