Maintenance Guide

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One of the key benefits to installing Artificial Grass is the low amount of work required to maintain it.  Taking great care of your newly installed lawn will keep it looking great throughout all seasons, year after year.

It’s easier to do the 10 minute maintenances more regularly than leaving the lawn and then having to repair or take hours bringing it back to life.

If any other supplier tells you that no maintenance is required they are not advising you well, so please read the maintenance advice we’ve supplied below and you can be sure you’ll love your garden forever more.


Brushing your lawn
We recommend brushing your lawn (lightly) every 2-3 weeks. This helps keep the pile upright and removes any unwanted build up of moss. Brush in all directions to keep the natural look. If sand was used to install your grass, the first 6-8 weeks the sand will slowly bed into the structure of your turf. Light brushing  will help the turf reach its optimum condition.

The best style of brush to use is a medium soft bristle brush. It’s a simple and light job but you will definitely notice the advantages of brushing every few weeks.

Our installers can take you through the maintenance step by step just to make sure you are 100% happy with what you have to do once they have installed your lawn.

Remove surface debris and vegetation
There will possibly be a very small amount of growth of unwanted plants or moss depending on how the grass is laid, what surface it sits on and the surrounding area to your lawn. Brushing should keep this to a minimum however if any unsightly growth does develop you can use a moss and weed killer on your grass. This however should be a water-based weed killer. Once this has worked you can then brush to remove the moss/weeds.

Again brushing and removing leaves and debris from your lawn should prevent moss and weed build up. If left this can encourage growth and create more work for you in the long run.

We prefer to use a jet wash but a leaf blower, garden hoover or hose can be just as effective.

Stains and marks

If any stains or marks do appear then remove them right away. This can be done using hot tap water and some gentle detergent. If any oil marks appear they are usually easily removed using mineral spirits and a soft cloth.

What you shouldn’t do!
If you want to keep your lawn looking lush for years to come and as ‘Wow’ as the day you installed it be sure to read the advice below;

If you have any questions at all from the information supplied above don’t hesitate to call us on our free phone number 0800 112 3070 and we will be happy to answer or discuss any questions you may have.




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