Measuring Guide

Step 1

Measure the dimensions of the lawn areas you wish to cover (preferably in metres) follow our measuring guide image below.

Step 2

The artificial grasses are supplied in 4 metre roll width and up to 25metres on a roll. Some grasses are also available in a 2 metre roll width. Work out which is the most efficient way to lay the rolls ensuring that all sections run in the same direction to give a consistent finish.

Step 3

The length of the join between sections determines the length of the jointing tape needed and a tube of adhesive is required for each 3 metres of tape.

Step 4

We recommend that a weed membrane is laid under the artificial lawn, it is only available in a 4 metre roll width but can be laid in any direction and simply overlapped to form a join.

Take a look at our easy atifical grass installation guide for more installation information.


Havana 12MM
£12.99 £10.99
Madrid 20MM
£27.99 £15.99
New York 30MM
£29.99 £18.99
Monaco Premium 25MM
£24.99 £21.99